Stolen Landscape

While visiting an old store that was about to be closed down, Lam Pei took the old painting home and casually drew a character on it, then, named the work “Stolen Landscape”. Flying Sofye treasures old things and celebrates sharing of love, hoping people can learn how to cherish. 

90 x 60cm, Acrylic on vintage painting, 2011
40 x 50cm Acrylic on Canvas, 2010 
Self-treatment 自療中的空心賊
20 x 27cm Acrylic on vintage wood, 2011 
Hidden in the pattern  隱藏女飛賊 (3)
59 x 74cm Acrylic on fabric (The fabric from Leung Wun Kee Piece Goods Store), 2011, 2013
In 2011, a couple of us arranged a commemoration and art jam workshops for the closing down of
Leung Woon Kee Piece-Goods. The shop owner, who was rather gloomy at first,
caught the attention of media and community, and was glad to realize he was retiring with glory.
And because of the owner, I let Girl Thief appear again on a ruined brocade.

Flygins Sofye and Rabbit Billy
40 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas, 2013 
Rose Dance 跳一場玫瑰舞
40 x 40cm Acrylic on Canvas board, 2013 
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